2018 National Youth Gathering in Houston

Happy kids, doing good for a local school. New (recycled from the ASTRODOME!) turf for kids to play on. Our little hulks worked their hearts out today, working like a team and problem solving. We are tired, but so grateful for the grace we give each other and the opportunity to grow and be stretched in this adventure. Sending love home!




Hot, tired, but man am I blessed to have these beautiful souls in my life. They are brilliant, compassionate, empathetic and optimistic. They teach me so much more about the love of Christ than I can ever hope to teach them. I am so proud to be walking along side them on this journey, no matter the twists and turns. For me, they change everything.




Sometimes, there’s too much stimuli. And your “mean” Youth Director sticks you in timeout. And sometimes, that’s a blessing in itself to find quiet in the chaos, to find community in the crowd. To recenter and remember what it’s all for – it’s relational, and that’s what counts.

Adult update: we are lucky, we are blessed, we are tired, we are so tired, we love these youth so much and we want to put them all in timeout simultaneously, we are living on coffee, we are imperfect, we embarrass them with our dance moves, we entertain them when we are moved to tears, our hearts are on our sleeves and we are fully living in our humanity and our baptism as we accompany on this journey. And thank you to Will Starkweatherfor the phrasing that personally I need tattooed on my heart (and maybe body): There’s grace for that. Amen and amen. Love from Houston.



Finally scoring floor seats – there’s grace for that!! Worship on a MASS scale.


Finally heading home, tired but so enriched. Friends became family and that changes everything.


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