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The Giving Garden has been Planted!!!!

On Saturday, 5/26, our fearless Giving Garden team braved the heat and humidity to plant our Giving Garden.   In the garden, you will find growing....cantaloupe, squash, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers. Now we need your help! We are in need of volunteers to help take care of the garden this summer. When you sign up, [...]

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First Communion

  On Sunday, March 18th, CLC celebrated with 8 Sunday School students who received their First Communion (Tommy A., Braedon B., Florence P., Ethan M., Mason D., Cate S., Silas B., and Naomi B.)  These students and their parents spent 5 weeks learning and sharing together in First Communion Instruction classes.  The instruction time included [...]

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Women’s Retreat 2018 “Purses and Prayer

Another wonderful Women's Retreat is over for this year.  Already we are looking forward to next year.  The Theme was Purses and Prayers - Take God with You.  We learned to leave it to God.  Get rid of the worry and the stress and let God direct our lives. There were fun games on the [...]

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Geofrey and Devotha – Rwamagana School – We Support You

  Dear Robin and John,   “Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!” Happy Easter from Community Lutheran, Sterling, VA to all our friends at Rwamagana School!!   We took these pictures on Easter Sunday, April 1st while collecting the Noisy Offering for Geofrey and Devotha and our during worship.    We are very pleased and [...]

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Vigil The Vespers by Sergeii Rachmaninoff

This group of talented individuals have been rehearsing since September and for them, that was a labor of love for the Rachmaninoff and the wonderful people of Community Lutheran Church Following is a note received from a fellow admirer after the concert. Folks,   The Vespers: All Night Vigil was truly remarkable.  The many months [...]

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