Take me out to the Ballgame with CLC

Members of CLC Congregation went to the Washington Nationals Baseball game on Sunday, July 30.  This year we were greeted by fabulous summer time temperatures and a mild breeze.  Thanks to Debra Vought for securing seats in the shade.  Even with the mild temperatures we could tell that those in the sun were slightly over [...]

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Community Kids Summer Camp – Wk 3

Community Kids Week 3 for Summer Camp was Space Camp.  Campers started off on the ground but, by the end of the week the campers blasted into space with their Jetpacks on their backs. I was so impressed with all the children. I was listening to a few children who read to the classroom and all the children [...]

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A Good Goodbye from a member of CLC

Goodbye --- recently a “ young “ and knowledgeable Lutheran pastor explained to me that the word is derived from Old English --- meaning “ God Be With Ye “ ( probably from godbwye ). I leave CLC with that very positive connation to all of the various friends and parishioners of which it has been my [...]

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Community Kids Summer Camp – Week 2

Week 2 for Community Kids Summer Camp finished with a Bang!  The theme was Dr. Seuss. Each day consisted of Monday - Get to Know You Tuesday - Chapel Time with Pastor Annabelle Wednesday- Walking Field Trip to the Cascades Library. Thursday - Surprise Visit from Cat in the Hat Friday - Water Day There were [...]

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Community Kids Summer Camp – Week 1

Community Kids first week began with surprises around each corner. The kids learned about Under the Sea, Social  Skills and having good old Summer Fun. SummerCamp schedule consists of: Monday - Get Know Each Other Tuesday - Chapel Time with Pastor Annabelle Wednesday - Story Time (Walking field trip to the Cascades Library) Thursday - [...]

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Giving Garden Update!!

Our Giving Garden is starting to produce beautiful vegetables for the LINK Pantry. We made our first delivery to the pantry last week...over 2 pounds of squash and peppers! The vegetables went out with deliveries the same day they were dropped off. Garden to table - fresh produce into the homes of those who need [...]

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Gifts of Hope— Hope for today; Hope for tomorrow

Gifts of Hope has exciting news to share with you. First, thank you for supporting Gifts of Hope during our annual Advent campaign in which we raised $2,050.00 from Community Lutheran (a 42% increase from 2015) and $104,337.00 in our Synod.  Thanks to the volunteers who present this alternative gift-giving option to the congregation.  Second, [...]

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CLC Church Picnic

  Over 80 people attended the annual Community Lutheran Church picnic on June 4th in the Fellowship Hall.  Hot dogs and hamburgers were served alongside an amazing array of side dishes and desserts provided by our members. The event also celebrated a new member who was welcomed to our congregation during the morning church services.This [...]

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