A Good Goodbye from a member of CLC

Goodbye — recently a “ young “ and knowledgeable Lutheran pastor explained to me that the word is derived from Old English — meaning “ God Be With Ye “ ( probably from godbwye ).

I leave CLC with that very positive connation to all of the various friends and parishioners of which it has been my privilege and honor to have known and to have shared memorable moments.

I have been extremely blessed by being a member of CLC and have “ received “ much more than I have given. Pat’s and my “ Two Church Experience “ has been both enlightening and a blessing.  It has elevated our spiritual awareness and has allowed us to effectively build on our Christian beliefs.

It is now time however to consolidate our worshiping platform; as such, I will be joining her permanently at HCLC.

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ — let us build on our faith, as we hold onto one another, regardless of where we praise Him.  I believe Christ chose his disciples as much on their differences as their similarities. It is by recognizing and being respectful of our differences that we can truly build strength — in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

Love, Peace, and God’s Speed be with you all.

Rick Garverick

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