ACT 2:42 Lock-In

My name is Bradley, and I am an 8th grade confirmand at CLC. Over this past weekend, our Confirmation group took part in the Act 2:42 Lock-In, where we couldn’t eat any food, just drink. (This was really only about 14 hours, but it was still a bit of a struggle.) During this period, we took time to reflect on how it would feel to have to carefully plan out meals for a week. We did this using scenarios for different, fabricated families – some having lots of money, others, not so much. At midnight, we drove to Giant and working in groups of 2-4, we tried to buy as many servings of non-perishable foods as we could with a budget of 10-20 dollars. We donated the food we bought at Giant to the Link cart. We did other things including juice breaks, in which we would reflect on the activities we had just done and how they taught us some merit or value. We also played Sardines in the dark at church, which is a form of tag. The Lock-in was a very fun experience, one that I highly recommend to new or up and coming confirmands, and I look forward to the one next year.

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