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Fear and Trust – The Tender and Fierce Love of a Mother Hen

Pastor Annabelle P. Markey Year C – Second Sunday in Lent Luke 13:31-35 Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – March 17, 2019   “How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!” This week, Jesus’ cry – his longing and [...]

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Interfaith in February

On February 3rd, Rabbi Joe Charnes joined Pr. Annabelle for an interfaith Scripture Study looking at Psalm 71:1-6 and Luke 4:21-30. We learned about the beauty and richness of chanting/singing the psalms by singing in Hebrew and discussing the emphasis of the words of this prayer. Looking at Luke 4, we discussed the tension between [...]

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Healing through Blessed Brokenness and Challenges

Pastor Annabelle P. Markey Year C – Sixth Sunday after Epiphany Luke 6:17-26 Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – February 17, 2019   Imagine a flood of people sweeping over the plain, coming to hear Jesus. They’ve heard stories of his preaching and teaching, and of the wonders he’s done, healing people and making them [...]

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Available to Serve

The Rev. Dr. Paul Opsahl 5 Epiphany C         February 10, 2019 Isaiah 6:1-8       1 Corinthians 15:1-11     Luke 5:1-11   There’s an old saying:  “In God’s kingdom, you don’t need remarkable ability – only remarkable availability.” In today’s three Scripture lessons, we read about some Bible celebrities who faced up to their call from God, and [...]

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Fulfilled In Our Hearing

  Pastor Annabelle P. Markey Year C – Third Sunday after Epiphany Luke 4:14-21 Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – January 27, 2019     Words. Shrouded in mysterious power, Not just locked up in some ivory tower, Threads spun to give shape to lives, Tapestries woven in varying designs.   Like bricks creatively constructing [...]

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The God Who Thwarts Our Expectations

Pastor Annabelle P. Markey Year C – Christmas Eve Luke 2:1-20 Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – December 24, 2018   We’re glad you’re here! You are welcome, just as you are, whether you’ve been at Community Lutheran forever or this is your first time ever in a church. Grace and peace to you from [...]

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Worshiping Daily, Worshiping Evergreen

Pastor Annabelle P. Markey Year C – First Sunday of Advent Luke 21:25-36 (Worship Fully) Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – December 2, 2018   Tuesday found me bouncing around the office, sipping a pleasantly piney Juniper latte, listening to Advent hymns, and frolicking with joy that Advent was almost here! The season of waiting [...]

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