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Made in God’s Image, We Give to God

Pentecost 22-A/Oct. 22, 2017/Community Luth/Rev. Joseph Vought Matthew 22:15-22  Let a pastor start preaching about money and stewardship and some people will think he has gone from preaching to meddling.  We get nervous about our money don’t we?  It’s like when I go to church on vacation and they pass the offering plate.  When I [...]

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Serving, Loving and Giving in God’s Vineyard

2017-10-08/18th Pentecost-A/Community Lutheran/Rev. Joseph M. Vought Isaiah 5:1-7   Matthew 21:33-46  Our lessons tell us God plants a vineyard.   With a labor of love God plants the vine, provides boundaries for the vineyard, a winepress and a watchtower.  God planted his fair vine Israel just as God plants us.   In return our Lord asks for nothing [...]

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Grumbling or Gratitude in God’s Vineyard

Pentecost 16-A/Sept. 24, 2017/Community Lutheran/Pr. Joe Vought Matthew 20:1-16  A man dies and goes to heaven.   St. Peter meets him at the pearly gates, and says, "Here's how it works.   You need 100 points to get in.   You tell me the good things you've done, and I give you a certain number of points and [...]

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Where two or three are gathered… Love one another

The Rev. Joseph M. Vought Year A – Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost Romans 13:8-14    Matthew 18:1-20 Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – September 10, 2017   Last year I was enjoying sabbatical: a time to step away after years of ministry, to reconnect with family and interview my faith mentors. It was also time to [...]

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