School Supplies for Meadowland Elementary

Over the past year, Community Lutheran Church has formed a connection with Meadowland Elementary. Meadowland is located less than two miles from our church, in Sugarland Run. The school has 28 classes, approximately 480 students, and sadly, approximately 40% of the students are on free or reduced lunch. This means that 40% of the children are [...]

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CLC Health Fair

  Loudoun County has the distinction of being the “richest” county in America with an estimated 2017 population of 398,080.  However, the sad fact still remains that the homeless or near homeless population runs around 33.2% (an estimated 132,163 residents) according to estimated U.S. Census figures. On August 4, 2018, CLC and ACHN collaborated to [...]

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The Brady Bunch Concert

  On July 18th we celebrated “The Brady Bunch”, a fundraising concert featuring Becca and Josh Shelor, and Nikki and Dan Tschinkel.  The concert benefitted the Music Department, and more specifically, the funds are mostly being dedicated to our new sound system in The Fellowship Hall, which will help amplify not only our upcoming Focus [...]

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2018 National Youth Gathering in Houston

Happy kids, doing good for a local school. New (recycled from the ASTRODOME!) turf for kids to play on. Our little hulks worked their hearts out today, working like a team and problem solving. We are tired, but so grateful for the grace we give each other and the opportunity to grow and be stretched [...]

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Wine Tasting for Rwanda

The Wine Tasting held on Saturday June 9 was a marvelous celebration/fundraiser/fellowship and educational event! Art McLaughlin taught us about wine, we shared the Good News of Rwanda School Project, welcomed visitors, and made new friends. Bettyann Biber supervised the food bites paired with each wine.  Such fun! We raising over $1000.00 for gifts that [...]

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The Giving Garden has been Planted!!!!

On Saturday, 5/26, our fearless Giving Garden team braved the heat and humidity to plant our Giving Garden.   In the garden, you will find growing....cantaloupe, squash, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers. Now we need your help! We are in need of volunteers to help take care of the garden this summer. When you sign up, [...]

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