Godly Love That Bears All Things

2019-02-03/4th Sunday after Epiphany-C/Rev. Joseph M. Vought Luke 4:21-30 Jesus’ homecoming sermon in Nazareth from Isaiah ch. 61 was quite an event:  “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.   He has sent me to proclaim release to the captive and recovery of [...]

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Fulfilled In Our Hearing

  Pastor Annabelle P. Markey Year C – Third Sunday after Epiphany Luke 4:14-21 Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – January 27, 2019     Words. Shrouded in mysterious power, Not just locked up in some ivory tower, Threads spun to give shape to lives, Tapestries woven in varying designs.   Like bricks creatively constructing [...]

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God With Us So We May Serve and Love

2019-01-20/Community Lutheran/Rev. Joseph Vought John 2:1-11 When I read the Gospel for today of Jesus first miracle at Cana turning water into wine, I remembered the wedding of Mark and Leigh.   They were JMU students, part of our Campus Ministry in my former parish.  They attended worship every Sunday and started dating in their Jr. [...]

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Worshiping Christ, Offering our Gifts for the World God Loves

2019-01-06/Community Lutheran/Rev. Joe Vought Matthew 2:1-12 A family was driving to visit relatives on Christmas.  As they drove past an Episcopal church with a Christmas creche in the front yard, the 5-year-old asked who the characters were. The mother explained: “That’s Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the manger.”  Further down the road, they saw [...]

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The God Who Thwarts Our Expectations

Pastor Annabelle P. Markey Year C – Christmas Eve Luke 2:1-20 Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – December 24, 2018   We’re glad you’re here! You are welcome, just as you are, whether you’ve been at Community Lutheran forever or this is your first time ever in a church. Grace and peace to you from [...]

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Love Songs and Good News for All People

2018-12-23/Advent 4-C/Community Lutheran/Rev. Joseph Vought Luke 1:39-45  It is the custom in one African tribe that when a woman decides to have a child, she goes and sits under a tree, and she listens.  She listens until she hears the song of the child who wants to come.  Once she hears the song, she returns [...]

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God is Coming, Prepare His Way

2018-12-9/Advent 2-C/Community Lutheran/Rev. Joseph M. Vought Luke 3:1-6  In the 3rd year of Donald Trump’s Presidency, when Mitch McConnell was Majority Leader of the Senate, as Nancy Pelosi was ready to assume leadership as Speaker of the House, John Roberts being Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, after Trump’s firing of Jeff Sessions, as Franklin [...]

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Worshiping Daily, Worshiping Evergreen

Pastor Annabelle P. Markey Year C – First Sunday of Advent Luke 21:25-36 (Worship Fully) Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – December 2, 2018   Tuesday found me bouncing around the office, sipping a pleasantly piney Juniper latte, listening to Advent hymns, and frolicking with joy that Advent was almost here! The season of waiting [...]

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What is Faithfulness?

Pastor Annabelle P. Markey Year B – 26th Sunday after Pentecost Mark 13:1-8 Community Lutheran Church, Sterling, VA – November 18, 2018   As a child who grew up watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, every time I hear this Gospel reading, I cannot help but think of one scene from that movie. [...]

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