Chrysalis 2018



  • To me, Chrysalis meant hanging out with friends as well as spending time with God and learning about love, peace, joy, and love in a more specific sense. I think that I’ll remember this Chrysalis for the unique experience of spending time with God with a lot of other kids, kind of like Houston. – Charles
  • The theme choose really gave me an aspect on the future I could live, versus the one we could choose to live. Looking at what I want in life compared to what I need really opened my eyes. – Janette

  • I learned that I can choose hope, peace, joy, and love. To me, this means that if I am going through a tough time, I can choose to focus on the positive things, and I can choose to go to God for help, instead of trying to do it all by myself. – Katie

  • The theme affected me in a personal way because I understand what they were talking about and it helped me. To understand that Hero like me have to make choices and it help me choose to be a mentor. Also, I like how the pastor got on my level of interest and I felt like I belong with everyone. I also was able to use things in my logic to explain things and I want to thank Becca for helping me understand that everyone makes good and bad choices. – Paul

  • It was probably hanging out with Charles and Jan the other kids and eating a lot of snacks and really bonding with my small group and having a fun timmme!! – Sophie

  • To me, this year I actually felt closer to God. Despite everything that happened. Normally on all these trips, I show up, eat, and hang with friends: however, in a way doing all that with my friends and listening to the Bishop, made an impact. I feel like our ups and downs brought me a few steps closer to Him. – Janette

  • To be quite honest, this past year has shaken my own faith down to its core. I’ve taken a ton of emotional strain, and I had no idea what to do. Going to chrysalis, making new friends, meeting new people, and going to the services really helped me to find my way back into having faith. – Thomas

  • How this trip impacted my faith was that the Choose theme told me that you choose a lot of things more than you can handle and that you should choose wisely and the best in long-term not short-term. – Tyler

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