Shekinah – Synodical Event for Middle Schoolers

Back from a wonderful weekend at Shekinah – our synodical event for middle schoolers. Daphne Becker, Laura Sagen and Becca Shelor had the glorious pleasure of shepherding eleven of our incredible youth to this event where we learned all about how we are Named and Claimed and had lots of fun along the way! The youth were all in small groups with other youth from the synod where they got to dig into how they are named and claimed through discussion, games and activities. Thank you so much to CLC for supporting us on the journey, both financially and with your prayers – opportunities like this are so special and they are the kind of events that we carry forward with us throughout the rest of our lives.
Special highlights from the weekend include a rollicking game of Captain’s Coming – see Tyler’s masterful pose, Katie being selected for the coveted roll of slinky player, and of course Gabe found his way into the house band and played the tambourine by request! Still wondering how it went? See what the youth (and Mrs. Laura!) had to say on the way home –
“I learned the origin of the altar. I liked the experiential-learning groups and the hands on opportunity to learn!” – Joshua S.
“I liked the music because it was very contemporary, catchy and fun to dance to. I learned more about my peers through the questions we answered in activities.” – Caroline S.
“I liked being a small group leader and I really enjoyed the Saturday night worship service because the message was great and reminds us that God holds on to us.” – Laura S.
“I learned that God really loves us. I liked the cooperation between the people in the small group because I like it when we work together.” – Charlie A.
“I liked the worship service Saturday night because it’s creative and relatable and lots of fun. Everybody gives labels, but they don’t really matter.” – Ryann A.
“I liked the small groups because they were fun and we learned things like the leper of the sea story.” – Tyler T.
“I liked the large group time because it’s very interactive with lots of games, and there’s great music too! I learned that labels don’t define you.” – Christina P.
“It was the best because the music was fun to dance and clap to and I got to play the tambourine in the band!!!” – Gabe Q.
“I got to know old friends better and got to make a lot of new friends. I learned that people get a lot of labels and some of them are good and some of them are not so good, but it doesn’t matter because the most important label is Child of God.” – Katie N.
Our kids that attended were Charles A, Gabe Q, Kelton B, Ryann A, Christina P, Bradley D, Joshua S, Tyler S, Caroline S, Katie N, Claire O.
The adult leaders were Becca Shelor, Laura Sagen and Daphne Becker.
Click on the Links Below to watch some cute bursts of the kids in action
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