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On Tuesday January 9th we had the pleasure of hosting award winning author Mary Hess.  Mary is a member of Community Lutheran Church.  As we were to learn, she is also a poet, a screenwriter, editor and New York Times bestselling author.   She collaborated with Kwame Alexander, a local author that is a Newberry Medalist to write Solo, our book for January.   We also learned that Mary, her family and Kwame will be in Los Angeles on January 14th and 15th for the NAACP Awards for their  Nomination for Outstanding Literary Work for Teens.

We all enjoyed reading Solo and we were excited that Mary was able to autograph our copies.

The book club has been meeting for just a little over 7 years and we have read 85 books.  We have grown from 3 people when I started as the moderator to groups as large as 16.  If you have ever wanted to join a Book Club or learn more about a small group of CLC members, please join us!  You don’t even have to have read the book.  We have great discussions and some members come and never read the book but after hearing all the comments they want to go home and read!!

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