First Communion


On Sunday, March 18th, CLC celebrated with 8 Sunday School students who received their First Communion (Tommy A., Braedon B., Florence P., Ethan M., Mason D., Cate S., Silas B., and Naomi B.)  These students and their parents spent 5 weeks learning and sharing together in First Communion Instruction classes.  The instruction time included discussions about celebrating God’s love and forgiveness, understanding Jesus and His death, learning the “nuts and bolts” of Communion at CLC, and preparing for what it means to be ready to receive the gifts of God.  We spent time with the Alter Guild (thanks to Kay Fralick), selected special communion hymns (thanks to Jennifer Quinones), baked communion bread, shared our special banners and enjoyed a fun family meal together with Pastor Annabelle leading a session on “Demystifying Communion”.  Many thanks to Kathy LoGalbo, Laura Sagen, Pastor Annabelle and Pastor Joe for teaching the classes and congratulations to all our First Communion recipients.

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