“Focus” Concert debuts at Community Lutheran with the Guitar and Vocal music of David and Sophie Buskin

On Saturday evening, September 8th Community Lutheran opened our doors to a full house of 80 people from CLC and the wider Sterling/Loudoun/DC community for a delightful evening of guitar and vocal music from David and Sophie Buskin, professional musicians from New York City.    Our Fellowship Hall was set up like a coffee house with people around tables enjoying food and the good music.   Many, many thanks to Jen Quinones and Jerry Bresee and the CLC Focus Team  working with the Metro Focus Team for the setup, refreshments, working the sound system and lights as well as those who took ticket sales and greeted our guests.    Jerry Bresee, CLC member and Focus’s venue manager, said of the organization,  “Focus was started almost two decades ago  by people who wanted to build community through meaningful music.  Folk songs have endured because they deal directly with the basics of life – love, loss, laughter, heartbreak, and the constant search for justice.  Modern performers carry on this tradition, and Focus’s mission is to help them be heard.  Each Focus show is different, and at CLC performances we’ll hear different points of view in the songs of each artist, but listeners can always expect strong musicianship and the possibility that at some point they may be deeply moved.”


Here are some of the reviews for the evening:

“’ Focus’ is all about good music, meeting new people and building community!     David and Sophie Buskin’s guitar and vocal music was joyful, poignant, funny and prophetic.   What a delightful and fun evening!”  – Pr. Joe Vought

“It was great to meet so many new people at our first Focus concert, and I’m really looking forward to the next show.”   – Mark Becker

“What a great start to our relationship with Focus!  I really enjoyed David and Sophie Buskin, and also enjoyed our enthusiastic audience. Thank you to all the folks who worked to make this happen!”  – Jen Quinones

“With an ever growing reputation as a musical church, David and Sophie Buskin were a marvelous addition and a great first act in our partnership with Focus. Their familial vibe and heartfelt tunes spoke to the Community-heart that is so prevalent here. Bravo!”     – Becca Shelor

“What a wonderful and entertaining evening!  It was a steal at only $20.00.  I am looking forward to the next concert on November 3.”   – Susan Devereaux

“If this first FOCUS concert is any indication of upcoming ones, the good people of CLC and the community in general, are in for some high quality, low cost entertainment!  Great music and comedy, sometimes intertwined!! Very relaxing evening!!”  – Don Poorman


“The FOCUS event was plain and simple a delightful evening of gently moving music, relaxing and fun.  We are so fortunate to be involved with this group.”   – Roberta Buxton

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