In the Kitchen with Dee…A personal perspective


CLC member Dee McGibbon has been in the CLC kitchen for many years, literally.  Many of you see her in the kitchen on Sundays for coffee hour between services. But, did you know that, faithfully, for the past 17  years, from November to the end of March, Dee (and volunteer church members, members of our youth group, scouts, etc.) prepare meals every Monday for the Loudoun County Cold Weather Shelter for homeless adults.   You would be amazed what goes into this endeavor, from recruiting volunteers, obtaining donations of protein from CLC members, planning meals, shopping for ingredients, and then bringing all of this to the church kitchen to prepare. Then after all this, she personally delivers the meal to the shelter that evening!  Whew, what a labor of love guided by faith!   She especially loves sparking  joy and a sense of community in the youth who work with her. She enjoys teaching them how to chop, prepare, assemble, and clean up – some have never done this – all while sharing the importance of caring for our community!  


Her menus feed up to 25 adults and provide protein and starch, usually a salad, some fruit and a dessert.  I was her kitchen helper recently and we prepared a yummy chicken, veggie and noodle dish and were finished within an hour (including clean up).  She was picking up the salad, fruit and dessert ready and waiting at her home and then later, on her way to the shelter!    To her, it is not a big deal at all – she does it out of love for those who need a helping hand along life’s highway.  The  shelter will close at the end of March.  Next fall, when the call comes out for volunteers, please join Dee in the kitchen – you will be so glad you did.


Blessings to Dee, who embodies the mission of CLC – Welcoming Others…Growing in Grace…Sharing Christ’s Love.



-Linda Smyser

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