Letter to Congregation

Dear Friends at Community Lutheran,

3 1/2 years ago I left a job that I loved. This year as I approach the 80th year of my life, I will be leaving a church that I love—Community Lutheran. In my career as a financial planner, I encouraged my aging clients to plan for their futures while they were able, and this meant planning for a future that might some day include a time of diminished capacity, either physical or mental or even both. After a brief but rather scary medical event during Christmas of 2015, I decided I needed to take my own advice by moving to a new home where I could begin the process of “aging in place.” While my new home affords me close proximity to virtually every service I could want as well as to my daughter and her family, what remained after my move was to find a church that fit into my limited radius plan. Having found such a church, I will be leaving Community Lutheran as well as my position as president of the church council. 

It has been a privilege to know so many fine and dedicated people at Community, and I will miss seeing dear friends each Sunday.  I know you will continue to enjoy the excellent leadership of your dedicated and talented council and pastors, and I trust you will continue to be the welcoming place that invited me in some 18 years ago.

Betty O’Lear

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