Loudoun Veterans and Family Support

Loudoun Veterans and Family Support

The Loudoun Veterans and Family Support group (LVFS) is gaining notoriety in other counties outside of Loudoun.  The partnership between CLC and the Falcons Landing Chapter of Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is being publicized in Fauquier and Clarke County newspapers and in the MOAA national publication.  Further, it is being recognized in Loudoun County as one of the foremost contributors to the care and wellbeing of our Veterans and their families.

Thus far, LVFS has supported, and continues to support, over 30 County Veterans and/or their families with direct contributions of over $20,000.  Here are a few vignettes of just some of the Veterans that have benefited from LVFS and coordination with other local Veteran Service Organization’s support:

The widow of a recently deceased U. S. Army, Vietnam Veteran was having a particularly trying time after her husband’s funeral, and required assistance to pay burial expenses and support for monthly household expenses until she could get things back on track without the benefits of her husband’s contributions to the family.

A young U.S. Navy Veteran with a wife and two small children, who through no fault of his own, had fallen behind on utility bills.  The support ensured the lights would stay on and the family would be warm.  

An unexpected health issue to a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran threatened to derail the progress he had made in overcoming homelessness. An unexpected surgery prevented him from working for six weeks, and he required help with paying his rent during this period. His landlord was extremely supportive, and the Veteran is back to work.

A U.S. Army Veteran who had escaped a violent domestic relationship received support for rent and other support for a young special needs daughter.

Recently, thanks to the efforts of Tom Grant (Loudoun County Veterans Service Coordinator), we were introduced to a former U.S. Marine Corps veteran by the name of Colby Sandt.  Colby approached Tom with the idea of holding a fundraising event for the aide of needy veterans in Loudoun County.  He asked for the name of a worthy Veteran Service Organization (VSO) which would be willing to sponsor his event.  Tom Grant immediately suggested he get in contact with Community Lutheran Church’s Loudoun Veterans and Family Support group (LVFS)!

Colby met with the LVFS Steering Committee back in May, and outlined his proposed event, which he named: Shave For The Brave, and even designed a catchy logo —


The premise of his event is to have people with beards, mustaches or a bushy head of hair register on a fundraising website and solicit donors to act as “team members” to encourage them to shave the beard, mustache or hair (all three, if so inclined) to raise funds that would be distributed 100% to needy Loudoun County Veterans and/or their families! The event will be hosted by Spanky’s Shennanigans, a restaurant located in Leesburg, VA.  The date of the event is July 6, 2019, from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The main attraction of the whole event is COLBY himself!  He has been cultivating a beard for approximately 1 ½ years, and has vowed to have it all gone by the end of the day of the event!!


U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Colby Sandt


The website that has been setup to either Participate or Donate to the event is:  


The day of the event we will have Nashville recording artist, Gabe Marshall, a raffle for door prizes, event t-shirts for sale and special craft beers will be on tap donated by local brewers with 


Please come out and enjoy the fun, and Pastor Joe has even hinted at the idea of having his whole head shaved!!!  Now THAT would be worth the price of admission!!!!


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