New Member Welcome, Year in Review and Celebration of Ministries 2017 Sunday, February 25th 2018

On Sunday, February 25th 62 congregational members gathered for a Luncheon in the Fellowship Hall to Welcome New Members and Celebrate CLC Ministries during 2017.  During lunch members got to know each other by: introducing themselves, sharing where they were baptized and one good memory of church or a faith community from their childhood.

Pr. Joe Vought welcomed everyone and invited Congregational member/sponsors to introduce the New Member Families to the CLC Family:

New Members                                                                                Sponsors

Stephen, Ellen and Marina  Ashurkoff                                     Sara and Katie Nail

Timothy and Rebecca Cox and Arthur                                     Victoria Steidel

Chris, Beth, Samantha and Mali Gloe                                       Rebecca Shelor

Bill and Irene Sleath                                                                       John and Nancy White


Past Council President Mike Turner then shared his personal thoughts and Celebrations of Ministry 2017, inviting members to enjoy the “Celebration of Ministries 2017 Yearbook” in pictures, produced by Marie Adkins our Administrative Assistant.     Ministry Teams made written reports available of their ministries to the congregation.    Other members were invited to share verbal, “shout-outs” of ministry highlights and blessings from 2017.   Here are some of them:

“Stewardship for All Seasons” renewal with increase in pledges

“Wednesday Meals and Ministries” Evenings

CLC Readers Group growing

Growth in Music Ministries and groups with thanksgiving for Jennifer Quinones

Church Floor Renovation and New Parking Lot

The Children’s Peace Concert with the ADAMS Center

Celebration of the Reformation 500th Anniversary in Christian Education and Special Events

Ministry of God’s people sharing Communion with our homebound members

CLC is a Church that cares and ministers to the surrounding community and wider world


Council President Betty O’Lear led a brief session to conduct a few business items for the church.

The following members were elected to serve Community Kids Christian Pre-School Board

  • Karen Shelton
  • Sherry Yates
  • Donna Cherundolo

The following members were elected to serve as Trustees

  • Don Poorman
  • Betty Ann Biber
  • Jackie Friedheim

The following members were elected to serve on Church Council

  • Property:      Roy Thillberg and Jerry Shoup
  • Treasurer:    Jeff Biber


Ed Rogers, former Treasurer, provided a Complete 2017 Year-End Treasurer’s Report to the congregation, which was approved.


The last Order of Business was to recognize, give gifts and thank the following 2017 Council Members completing their Terms

Mike Turner, President

Ed Rogers, Treasurer

John Passaro, Property


The Meeting adjourned with the singing of the Doxology.


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