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Pastoral Services

If you are interested in or have questions about any of the following, please schedule an appointment to meet with the Pastor(s) by calling the office: (703)-430-6006. We are happy to work with you on planning and scheduling, but we must have advanced notice due to the worship schedule.

Baptism one of the sacraments of the church. It is a joy and a gift of God, one that we continue to live out throughout our lives as we participate in the community of faith and live as disciples of Christ. If you are interested in having your child baptized or being baptized yourself, the Pastor(s) will schedule a meeting with you to begin catechesis (baptismal instruction). Once we have met, we will work on scheduling a time that works with the church calendar as well as your family’s schedule.

Holy Communion or Eucharist is the other sacrament of the church. In bread and wine, Christ is present, forgiving us, filling us with his grace, and strengthening us to go out and serve in the world. All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion at Community Lutheran. We normally instruct 5th Graders in First Communion, but if you feel your child is ready to receive, please schedule a meeting with the Pastor(s). Remember, your child must be baptized before receiving Holy Communion.

We are happy to help you plan your wedding here at Community Lutheran or offsite. Should you wish to be married, please contact the Pastor(s) at least six months in advance to check their schedules before you set the date and reception. Pre-marital counseling sessions must be completed prior to marriage. In addition, the wedding coordinator and accompanist would be happy to assist you in planning your big day.

When someone you love is dying or has passed away, we at Community Lutheran are here to provide spiritual support. The Pastor(s) and trained Stephen Ministers are trained and available to support you in this time. Please be sure to contact the Pastor(s) when a loved one has died, especially before making any plans with the Funeral Home/Director and family for a service date. Whether you need a Pastor to help plan the funeral arrangements, a Stephen Minister to comfort you in your grief, or food provided by Spiritual Nurture, we are here to walk with you and provide care and support.