“Prodigals and the Parent in Poetry and Rhyme”

2019-03-31/4th Sunday in Lent-C/Community Lutheran/Pr Joe Vought

Luke 15: 1-3, 11-32

 To my Big Brother

You’re not in my skin

I’m not in yours

Dad always said, “you were better at chores.”

 I was the little boy, tried to help out

But could never measure up,

You said it, no doubt


So when the time came I took my shot,

Gathered my stuff, mom cried a lot,

Dad said it was fair and he gave me my share

All you could do was stand there and glare


Good riddance I said as I walked down the road

No family burdens or big brother to goad

I had me some fun in that far country place

Friends and money went fast it was soon a disgrace

Your little Jewish brother fell to slopping the swine

Never thought I’d miss that family of mine


Big brother and dad, I’m back, not a penny to show

I’ve got no excuses and feel lower than low

Gloat if you want to, rub it in to my shame

I’ll work like a dog, try to earn back my name


To my Little Brother

Been working like a dog in what remains of the farm

Creditors on our back, trying to stave off the harm

Dad runs like a fool, says your home, “Celebrate!”

Are you kidding?  The old man’s insane, I’m irate!


You’re right. I’m not in your skin and you’re not in mine

I’d love to take time for songs, women and wine

But someone’s got to work, get the job done

You all go on, go have your fun

To my Dear Sons


When you were born, God be praised, we were blest

 Never were parents, tried our best

With whole hearts we Loved You but neither two are the same

Each child with life and talents to claim


Praise the differences, raise’em right

What to do when they begin to fight?

Siblings and rivals they become

Tests for a marriage and a home


Maybe it’s my fault and I am to blame

Since your mother died I feel such shame

She might have helped us all make it right

She loved you so with such delight


The party has started the wine is poured

You both are my Sons and Gifts from the Lord

More than that you are Brothers meant to forgive

You can stay mad forever be jealous, disgraced or live


Let’s celebrate our lives, put away the sorrow

How else will we be family and get up tomorrow?

I will love you both forever despite your ego and pride

My arms are wide open, Get over yourselves, Pour a drink, Come inside!



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