The Community Lutheran Church Stitchers gather for fellowship and knit, stitch or embroider for various projects including prayer shawls, graduation blankets and hats and scarves for Mobile Hope. Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, at 10am. All our welcome, instruction is provided for those who want to learn.

Knitting Without Borders

The Stitchers have been working on making these adorable bears to support children around the world who have experienced trauma. For more information, please visit:


Peggy Darr – [email protected]

The Community Lutheran Church Quilters meet Wednesday mornings to make quilts for Lutheran World Relief and other charities.


Shirley Bookwalter – [email protected]

The Communion Ministers distribute consecrated Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month to the home-bound and hospitalized.


Pastor Joe – [email protected]
Pastor Annabelle – [email protected]

In 2005, Community Lutheran Church sought to further its outreach into the community by establishing a Mission Endowment Fund. Through donations to an investment account, it seeks to distribute annual grants to charitable organizations, thereby furthering the mission and vision of the congregation beyond the resources of the annual budget and being active participants in the life of our community. Such grants are approved by the Endowment Committee, which oversees the investments and approves grant requests. During 2017, grants totaling $1500 were approved and distributed to Pastor Edward Makara, the Loudoun Veterans and Family Support Group, LINK and Crossroad Jobs.

While donations can be made to the Endowment Fund at any time, it is especially well suited for those who wish to leave a lasting legacy to Community Lutheran Church and its outreach mission. As you develop your estate plans, opportunities for legacy planning can include gifts to the Endowment Fund from retirement accounts, investments or bank accounts, charitable trusts and the like. Anyone interested in legacy planning can contact one of the members of the committee who can further explain the giving process.

The 2018 members of the Endowment Committee include Ed Rogers (Chair), Mike Kalas (Vice-Chair), Linda Russ (Secretary), Joe Imler, Peggy DeWeese, Michael Smyser, Jeff Biber (CLC Treasurer – ex officio member) and Pastor Joe (ex-officio member).


Ed Rogers – [email protected]

The Finance Team provides quarterly and yearly Giving Statements, performs audits and provides giving options for the congregation.


Sara Nail – [email protected]

The Grief Group is for people who are grieving or experiencing difficult times to share their stories with others who are going through similar things. Members of the group offer compassionate and confidential listening and support. They meet during the day over a meal.


Church Office – [email protected]

The Meal Ministry coordinates meals for new parents, ill and grieving members.


Dee McGibbon – [email protected]

The Prayer Chain is a means of receiving and distributing prayer requests from community members.


The Prayer Chain – [email protected]

The Readers Group meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month. The group has read over 80 books and has been meeting for over 6 years. They read books that you might not normally pick up at the bookstore. Many books are historical fiction and others are non-fiction. The group is a great way to connect with people you might not see often.

Read what others are saying about the Readers Group:

The book club is a delightful assemblage of book lovers who share insights, ideas, and friendship. It is, for me, an evening enjoyed with thoughtful friends–one that is never dull, that refreshes the spirit, and that is never to be missed. – Betty O’Lear

While only being a short time member – the last three or four books – I have enjoyed the club, the discussions about the books, and, of course, the “snacks” that everyone seems to bring. I do not drink wine – wish I did – but it is fun to sit back and listen and observe.  Of course reading the books chosen by the group, which are all submitted and then discussed as in terms of what to choose next.  My short time has been rewarding and I enjoy the fellow members! – Tom Fitzsimmons

The Readers Groups at CLC has been a real joy. I always glean more about the books through the group’s outstanding and varied observations and opinions. Although our book choices aren’t necessarily faith-based, sharing ideas with people of faith has been most uplifting. – Sherry Yates

What a wonderful opportunity to stay well-read through great literature, have good conversations and get to know others. Our gatherings are always rich, inspiring, often humorous, and make us think deeply about the meaning of life and the many different lenses, perspectives and transcendent values which make us all human and spiritual beings. We read and tell stories to remind ourselves that we are not alone and that there is always more that binds us together than separates us from each other. – Pr. Joe Vought

Readers Group has created a community of fellowship here at CLC that makes everyone feel welcome. – Sherry Fitzsimmons

Please come and join us! Everyone is welcome even if you haven’t read the book.


Sherry Fitzsimmons – [email protected]



Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one ministry that provides Christian care and support to individuals going through difficult life circumstances.  This is a confidential ministry.  Stephen Ministers are laypersons trained to give Christian care and walk beside another person as that person works through his or her struggles.  The Stephen Minister brings prayer and Christ’s love to the care receiver’s situation.  The Stephen Minister is the caregiver and God is the cure giver.

Stephen Ministers said:

“Stephen Ministry gives me an opportunity to walk beside others during difficult times and share God’s love and hope.”  Karen S.

“Being a Stephen Minister has made me realize how much God works through us in our daily lives to help one another.”  Tina P.

“Being blessed by caring people along my life’s journey, I feel that I give back to God by being a Stephen Minister to walk beside, listen to, and pray with someone who is going through difficult times.  My faith is deepened as I experience the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the care receivers.”  Joan H.

“The skills I learned during Stephen Ministry training have helped me in all of my relationships and interactions with others.”  Beth J.

A care receiver said:

“My Stephen Minister met with me before and after surgery.  My family and friends were wonderful, but she listened with a loving and prayerful heart.  I never thought I needed help, but I did.  I pray as you go through some tough times that you’ll consider support from your brother or sister in Christ.”  Marilyn B.


Mike Dillemuth – [email protected]
Beth Jones – [email protected]