Wednesday Night Meals and Spiritual Formation Groups

On Wednesday Nights we meet at CLC for Soup and Fellowship from 5:30 to 6.   We then divide into groups for our Spiritual Formation Study during Lent.  The children stay in the Fellowship hall and conduct plays and do crafts.  I have no pictures of the wonderful crockpots lining two tables filled with delicious soup all made by members within the congregation.  You must come and taste this delicious soup!!

Our Spiritual Formation groups discuss the book, answer the questions and discuss our faith as we get to know each other better.

One of the assignments from last week was to write a short “Letter to God” and answer the question when you first sensed God’s Presence and some of the ways God has revealed himself to you since then.

I was given permission to share a letter written by Judy Lee and it could have been written by any of us but we were not capable of stating it in such wonderful words.  Thank you Judy for sharing


Please join us on Wednesday Nights as We Welcome Others, Growing in Grace, Sharing Christ’s Love

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