What Matters the most is HOPE, LOVE, JUSTICE AND PEACE

This was  a choir that includes Dulles Area Muslim Society and Community Lutheran Church children that met for one day on a Saturday in October at Community Lutheran Church.

With the hard work of Jennifer Quinones and the kids, they came together from different faiths to make music, learn more about each other, and most importantly inspire us towards striving for more peace.

 A song was written by ALL of the kids during the day.

They voted to call the song “Unity”.  They practiced, they worked on the song, they played games, they ate lunch, they practiced some more.



There were many helping hands

They worked hard and they were amazing.


and they performed in concert at 4 Pm.

The words that were written are the following:

We are listening
And we learn from you so give us all you got to make it.
All we need is the inspiration now,
To make the world a better place
(When we take it)

Vs. 1
Come Along with me
To a place of harmony
Where we all can be free
We want every one of you
To express your point of view
That’s what makes us all free

Vs. 2
Now we know to love
We are a community
We are guards for freedom
Spread love and spread peace
To everyone you can meet
Caring friendship brings love

Vs. 3
An eye for an eye
Only makes the world blind
Forgive with your heart
Even though you might be shy
You shouldn’t be afraid to try
Just continue to do your part

Vs. 4
Kindness is a mark of faith
Where the righteousness is great
Do not seek without peace
We want everyone to know
That our kindness will increase

Vs. 5
What matters the most
Is hope, love, justice and peace
We all should love everyone
If we keep fighting like this
Humanity will go into an abyss
Equality will be done

Vs. 6
Love everybody
Take my hand and follow me
We’re one community
Tribes and clans and races too
The universe should follow through
Celebrate unity

Click this link to listen to the song


This was the back of the T-shirts that the kids from the ADAMS Center wore.

These words mean Blessing, Faith, Good Manners, Piety!!



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  1. Alice Sletten October 24, 2017 at 2:10 pm - Reply

    …Beautiful words (poem) in the song, how humbling, that these young people get it, and the adults in the world don’t…so sorry we were out of town and missed participating, I hope this becomes a project that will continue and grow…

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