Youth and Senior Lunch November 2013

On November 25th nine members of our Youth Group had lunch with three senior couples of the congregation and a grandfather of one of the youth.  Everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch and wonderful conversation.  Here are the reflections from some of our youth who attended.

I enjoyed lunch with CLC’s Senior Saints.  It was a great learning experience that helped me better to understand the hardships and trials of their time, and how they were able to maintain a strong relationship with God during those times.

-Gabriel Page

I enjoyed lunch with CLC’s Senior Saints because it was interesting to learn how much things have changed from the time they were a child and now. It also helped me learn history that is not taught in school because of Loudoun’s Religion Policy, which states that no religion is to be forced or told about in a classroom. I also learned about the Senior Saint’s faith journeys, and those were very interesting. The Senior Saints explained how hard it was to worship during WWII, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War.

-Kyle Werntz

I enjoyed lunch with CLC’s Senior Saints because they told me about their life as teenagers. I thank them for coming to the lunch and sharing their stories with us.

-Brendan Reilly

I enjoyed lunch with CLC’s Senior Saints because I realized we have a lot in common.

-Zach Feldmeier

I felt that the Youth/Senior lunch was a great experience not only for the youth to learn about what life was like back in the olden days, but also for the seniors who were able to share their stories to fascinate the youth. In conclusion I believe we should do it again and try to get more of the youth to come.

-Bryce Reilly

It gave us an opportunity to learn what it was like when they were growing up. When they were telling us about how they didn’t have electronics, it made me imagine life without phones and other electronics. While they told us stories and childhood memories, I realized that I was finding out similarities and differences between my life and theirs. It was a great opportunity, and I hope to tell my life story to children when I grow up. 

-Natalie Urban

I enjoyed the Youth/Senior lunch because I learned a lot about life before cell phones and computers.

-Morgan Matrone

What I enjoyed about the Youth/Senior lunch was listening to the seniors tell stories about their life.

-Bethany Alves


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