advent wordle 1 - Finding Advent......How are we finding Advent?


    Have you thoughtfully considered how you and your family celebrate Advent? Is Advent something we celebrate only in church when we begin lighting the Advent wreath candles?  What does Advent really mean?

    About two years ago, the Adult Forum explored a series titled, “The Advent Conspiracy” (  This series discussed commercialism, consumerism, and how the true meaning of Advent and Christmas get lost and misappropriated in secular society.  We seek to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All. You may view short videos at:

    On Rally Day, some of our youth asked Rally Day attendees three questions about what advent means to them.

    1.) Do you have favorite Advent traditions?

    The responses to question one included: advent calendars, putting ornaments on the tree, buying a Christmas tree, hiding a Christmas pickle, setting up the nativity scene, making a Bible chain and tearing off links, using an Advent box or Advent activity calendar, making wreaths, and singing special hymns.

    2.) How do you prepare individually and/or with your family for Christ’s coming at Christmas?

    Question two responses were similar, but also included: going to church, decorating for the holiday season, singing hymns and devotions, talking about Jesus’ birthday and the meaning of Advent, more family time, signing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” and making crafts and cookies.

    3.) What makes Advent and the Christmas season meaningful to you?

    For many of us, the Advent and Christmas seasons are meaningful because we reflect on the spirit of Christmas through being with family, celebrating Jesus’ birth, taking time to be together.

    As we move closer to the start of Advent, Community Lutheran Church will launch Finding Advent on Sunday, November 20, 2016.  This coordinated effort involves all of the ministries of the church. All of our members and visitors are encouraged to take time out of our busy, over-scheduled lives and take time during Advent to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Using the new activity packs, please spend a few minutes every day reflecting on a Bible verse and engaging in a related activity.

    The Finding Advent activity packs will be available on November 22 to pick up at church.  These are small boxes with a card that has a Bible verse on one side and a suggested activity on the other. Please use these to engage with family and friends in preparing for Advent.

    We look forward to a reflective and meaningful Advent season.  Please join us!