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Spiritual Practice for this week:

That brings us to our spiritual practice for the week. Each week I will offer a practice that helps to make these promises of God a part of us. God abandons violence and retribution in favor of love, creativity, and relationship. We are created in God’s image, called and cherished as beloved, and it’s part of our calling to create. We don’t often speak about prayer in terms of imagination or creativity. We usually think in terms of speaking to God and worry about the right words to say. But if God is Creator and we are made in God’s image, we share the creativity gene! Some of you may protest and say you can’t do arts and crafts, but I invite you to think more broadly.

Creating doesn’t have to be about crafts. Jen is one of the most creative people I know and while she will tell you she doesn’t craft so good, she works beautifully in music and ideas. You can cook or bake, garden and tend, write stories or poems, sing or dance, play an instrument, or create joy through play. You can design, invent, or code, decorate, clean, or organize, make a great move or play in a sport, act, make films, work in all sorts of mediums, or just try something new! You can even invest in and tend relationships, create opportunities for others, make memories, or foster hope, joy, strength, and resilience in your life. Created in God’s image it’s in us to create – the possibilities are endless!

So imagine Noah’s family and all those fabulous creatures making a fresh start after tragedy. Spend some time creating this week – even if it’s doodles, a little ditty, or a haiku. It doesn’t have to be good to honor the creative connection with God. It’s about the process and your ability to just let yourself go, embracing who God made you to be, withholding judgment, and having fun. Just the act of creating connects us with the God who creates and recreates. Notice how you feel and simply pay attention to the divine creativity in you. And share your creations, whatever they are, on our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #clccreates.