img 1748 - Youth Trip to Jonah img 1743 - Youth Trip to Jonah

    The Confirmation kids along with their sponsors of CLC took a trip to Sight and Sound in Ronks, Pa.  They allowed extra’s to tag along and it was an amazing trip for all.   The presentation of Jonah was excellent and enjoyed by all.  They saw the whale and his fellow ocean buddies moving over their heads as the jelly fish dropped from the ceiling all in bright phosphorescent colors.  There was a ship that weighed fifteen tons and moved around on motion controlled wheels guided by GPS that appeared to be sailing the sea and plenty of live animals to keep everyones attention.

    They enjoyed dinner afterwards at nearby Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant buffet.

    img 1733 - Youth Trip to Jonah

    Jonah was a breathtaking experience with turns and twists – Tyler T

    I love having the opportunity to spend time enjoying two of my favorite things, our youth and theater – Becca S

    Jonah was a breathtaking experience of culture I hope I never forget – Sidney

    The play was the best play I have ever seen – Justin L

    The whale was really cool along with the giant jelly fish coming down from the ceiling and the Queen singing – Sarah M

    I like the underwater sea part – Taylor K

    I like the whale and the underwater fish – Cassidy K

    The vehicles were interesting – Kelton B

    Loved it for the 3rd time – Peggy D

    It was a great day creating many memories while seeing a very entertaining theater show.  Always enjoy the fellowship of members of CLC  –  Sherry F

    Interesting adds to the story of Jonah, but very interesting  – Mike T

    img 1731 - Youth Trip to Jonah img 1734 - Youth Trip to Jonah img 1729 - Youth Trip to Jonah

    There were two 15 passenger buses driven by the very capable Daphne Becker and Becca Shelor and a passenger car driven by the Bookwalters img 1737 - Youth Trip to Jonah

    These were our seats and they were excellent